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(c)Andreas J. Etter
© Andreas J. Etter

Alessandra Corti

Italian-born Alessandra Corti is an independent performer, and choreographer based in Mainz, Germany. With over 20 years of experience, she has distinguished herself as a versatile artist, working as both a dancer and choreographer in various German state theatres and the free scene. Throughout her career, Alessandra Corti has collaborated with internationally renowned choreographers such as Garry Stewart, Guy Weizmann and Roni Haver, Omar Rajeh, Ann Van den Broek, Koen Augustijnen and Rosalba Torres, Alexandra Waierstall, Sharon Eyal, and Wen Hui. Parallel to her dance career Alessandra Corti has initiated long-term research into the theme of identity and heritage as an infinitive process connected to the concept of storytelling and the fine line between fiction and reality. In her works, identity is knowledge not as a unified subject but as a multiplicity of contradicting positions variously legible, and variously felt. Alessandra Corti creates for companies and on the free scene, alongside her work conceived as live performance, she also collaborates with visual artist Andreas J. Etter resulting in video art and photography. Strongly connected to a collaborative way of working she positions herself to dismantle hierarchical structures in the relationship between dancers and choreographers. Alessandra Corti holds a Master of Arts in Contemporary Dance Education from the HfMDK (University of Music and Performing Arts) Frankfurt am Main.