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Opera Studio

Under the direction of Lotte de Beer, musical director Omer Meir Wellber and thanks to the generous support of the Christian Zeller Private Foundation, an opera studio is being created at the Volksoper Wien: six international singers and pianists will be given the opportunity to develop further in an artistic safe space over the course of two seasons, to question themselves and the genre in which they are at home, and to get to know it in a new way.

The artistic director of the opera studio is the director and dramaturge Maurice Lenhard, while Eytan Pessen acts as vocal coach and musical advisor.

Members of the Opera Studio

Kamila Dutkowska

Aaron Casey Gould

Maria Hegele

Stanislaw Napierala

Rafael Salas Chía

Jaye Simmons

Jasmin White

The time between studies and the beginning of a professional life is a special and transitional phase for all singers. The freedom and ideals of being a student meet the demands and structure of the job. During this formative time, the backpack for a fulfilling, inspiring and healthy future is packed.

A good voice alone has long been insufficient. A whole range of other major and minor talents are required, a good dose of flexibility and, of course, individuality.

Where better to promote young talent than at a house like the Volksoper Wien, which, with its wide range of repertoire, offers an incomparable opportunity to challenge young singers, but also to absorb their impulses and carry them forward.

The basis is the everyday life of the individual participants: In addition to musical and acting coaching, master classes, regular dance workshops and participation in selected productions of the repertoire are part of the basic equipment.

But the creative power of the young artists should also be able to develop beyond this. The opera studio is to become a place where a lively and collective examination of musical theater takes place. In a joint exchange, themes, pieces or questions are found, on the basis of which the opera studio develops its own performances. The individual creative power of each member thus flows directly into the results of the work, into the search for new forms of performance, venues and perspectives on musical theater. Operetta in particular, with its structural openness, its ability to make light of even heavy themes, and also its proximity to pop culture, offers a perfect playground for this endeavor.

This wide-ranging offer of the opera studio is intended to give the participating artists the opportunity to grow personally, vocally, professionally, musically, as actors, but also individually and as human beings. The Volksoper Wien wants to make its contribution to the development of music theater with independent personalities.

Christian Zeller
Since the beginning of his professional career, the Viennese real estate entrepreneur Christian Zeller has focused on excellence and sustainability, combined with a willingness to promote Austrian cultural institutions in a spirit of partnership. Against the background of the acquisition of the historic Südbahnhotel at Semmering, a special cooperation is now taking place:  

The Christian Zeller Private Foundation is looking forward to cooperating with the Volksoper Wien. In line with the motto "We support the stars of tomorrow today", Christian Zeller is providing significant support for the new opera studio of the Volksoper Wien.