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The choir of the Volksoper Wien stands out for its versatility, which results from the wide-ranging repertoire of the traditional Viennese opera house. During the theatre season, the members of the choir perform almost daily in opera, operetta and musical. In addition, the choir also interprets classical concert literature, for example as part of the performances of the Vienna State Ballet. All these different genres not only require flexible and versatile stylistic skills in the area of vocal technique, they also demand great acting skills. 

Roger Díaz-Cajamarca has been the new choir director since the 2022/23 season; Holger Kristen has been deputy choir director since 2012. The choir consists of 64 singers from more than 17 nations who are at all stages of their artistic careers and have a sound musical training.  

Ever since the Volksoper Wien – founded in 1898 as the "Kaiser-Jubiläums-Stadttheater" – focused on music theatre at the beginning of the 20th century, the choir of the house has also played an important role. Since its founding, numerous outstanding choir directors have led the singers to a high artistic level, including particularly prominent names such as composer Franz Schreker (deputy choir director 1907-08), Prof. Franz Gerstacker (1964-1991) and Prof. Michael Tomaschek (1991-2012).  

In recent years, the Volksoper choir has performed several times in the Golden Hall of the Vienna Musikverein, concert tours have taken it to Japan and to the Finnish Savonlinna Opera Festival, and it has made guest appearances at the Mörbisch as well as the Bregenz Festival, among others. In 2017, the Volksoper Vienna Choir was awarded the Austrian Music Theatre Prize as "Best Choir". 

Chorus manager

Roger Díaz-Cajamarca

Choir Director

Holger Kristen

Deputy chorus director, director of incidental music

Sascha Nader

Chorus management and chorus spokesperson, additional chorus spokesperson

Karo van der Sanden

Chor Korrepetitorin

Karin Niedermüller

Chorus spokesperson

Mag. Tatiana Sokolova

Chorus archive

Heinz Fitzka

Chorus archive

1st soprano

Fuey-Ling Ambros

Midori Dablander

Nora Drimba

Selma Fasching

Maria Luise Hübl-Amon

Melinda Kalab

Burcu Kurt M.A.

Angelika Niakan

Mirjam Sori Pfeifer BA

Mag. Theresa Puls

Mag. Tatiana Sokolova

Swetla Topalska

2nd soprano

Kristinka Antolkovic BA

Maria Theresia Gruber BA BA MA

Brigitte Herget

Mag. Katya Metodieva

Karin Niedermüller

Lidia Peski-Steger

Elisabeth Ebner

1st alto

Adriana Baumann

Mag. Heike Dörfler

Mag. Annemarie Hönigsberger

Katharina Ikonomu

Anna Sophie Kostal

Maja Stoier

Hermine Weyermayr

2nd alto

Xenia Christina Constantinides

Christiane Costisella

Johanna Jaetke

Angela Riefenthaler, BA MA

Edda Strasser-Sonn

Uta Wolfmayr-Steller

Elisabeth Zenkl

1st tenor

Franz Ambros

Hyun-Kyu Choi

Johannes Harrer

Christopher Hutchinson

Tamás Katona

Iliyan Metodiev

Joachim Moser

Sascha Nader

Marian Olszewski

Mag. Daniel Strasser

2nd tenor

David Busch

Martin Dablander

Steven Reed Fiske BA

Pavel Kvashnin

Mag. Rey-Alan Lacuin

Levente Szöke M.A.

Dimo Vassilev

1st bass

Woo Chul Eun

Jaroslaw Jadczak

Tibor Levay

Edgard Loibl

Mamuka Nikolaishvili

Stefan Tanzer

2nd bass

Andreas Baumeister

Mag. Andreas Egger

Heinz Fitzka

Dmitrij Kostov

Raimund-Maria Natiesta

Daniel Pannermayr

Thomas Plüddemann

Christoph Velisek