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Helmut Thomas Stippich

Born in

Lavanttal (Carinthia), Austria


Studied school music in Graz, worked as a piano teacher

Five to ten important engagements

  • since 2010: Musical Director of the Theaterfestspiele Reichenau
  • composer of musicals like Das Dschungelbuch (with Co-author Agnes Palmisano) and Robin Hood (with Co-author Maria Stippich)
  • groups & bands: NWCS, Mischwerk, Stippich & Stippich, Dickbauer – Stippich – Havlicek, SOME LIKE IT HOT with Maria Stippich and Traude Holzer, …
  • concert tours in Europe, North and South America, Asia, ...
  • theatre productions in Vienna, Graz, St. Pölten, Theatergruppe 80 in collaboration with Otto Brusatti 

Debut and important works at Volksoper Wien

Conductor Der Krieg der Knöpfe (season 2024/25) 

Significant prizes & honours

2015: Beethoven-Kompositionswettbewerb 



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