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"Stage is set!" for the Young Volksoper

The stars of Die Reise zum Mond (Journey to the Moon) are not only the members of the opera studio and the youngest singers in our ensemble but also the members of the children's choir and youth choir, who take on numerous roles in Jacques Offenbach's fantastic opera and lead the audience on a musical journey.

Children's choir and youth choir
Children's choir and youth choir

The Volksoper is inconceivable without its children's choir and youth choir. These two youngest choirs not only perform in numerous pieces but also receive weekly instruction in choral singing and vocal training in several groups. It starts with the basic choir at the age of seven, and depending on progress, they may move on to the stage choir and perform on the big stage.

Die Reise zum Mond (Journey to the Moon) is a very special challenge for the children's choir and youth choir as they are involved in the entire production and take center stage like never before.

Lotte de Beer is particularly excited about the performances:

"Every time I see our youngest artists on stage, it deeply touches me. Simply because their passion and budding love for art remind me why we make theater in the first place!"

Director Laurent Pelly is also convinced that Jacques Offenbach's work is perfect for young people:

"The work is tailor-made for young performers and a young audience alike. There is a match between the wild energy of this music and the vital power of young people."

So, embark on a journey to the moon together with our youngest performers!

Die Reise zum Mond (Journey to the Moon)

Opera for the whole family by Jacques Offenbach

In German with German subtitles, English synopsis in the program booklet

Premiere on Saturday, October 14, 2023

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