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Die Reise zum Mond
(Journey to the Moon)

Opera for the Whole Family by Jacques Offenbach

In German language with German subtitles, English synopsis in the program booklet

Premiere on Saturday, October 14, 2023

Director Laurent Pelly stages Offenbach's "science fiction opera" under the musical direction of Alfred Eschwé. In this opera for the entire family, the children's choir, youth choir, and the opera studio are the stars of the production.

Prince Caprice is tormented by wanderlust. The prospect of taking over the affairs of state from his father, King Zack, does not sit well with him. Instead, he wonders: Is there no Plan(et) B? When the moon rises, Caprice suddenly knows where his longing is leading him... Without hesitation, he turns his illusion into reality and flies to the moon, accompanied by King Zack and the scholar Mikroskop.

It quickly becomes apparent: different planets, different customs. When Caprice falls in love with the Moon Princess Fantasia, they both experience the consequences, for on the moon, love is considered a disease!

It is one of humanity's great dreams: the journey to the moon. Jules Verne, for example, explored it in his early science fiction classics for young readers. In 19th-century France, the subject was very much in vogue. Composer Jacques Offenbach incorporated this imaginative world into his grand opera Die Reise zum Mond / Journey to the Moon, immediately achieving great success with the audience.

Laurent Pelly's production of the work was also a great success with the audience. No one has dedicated themselves to Offenbach's oeuvre in recent decades as passionately as the French director and costume designer. When the Opéra Comique commissioned him to create a production specifically for the house's youth choir, his choice fell on Offenbach's fantasy opera. The premiere in Paris delighted both young and old in January 2023, and now his directorial work can also be seen at the Volksoper. Bienvenue!

The stars of the production, in addition to the opera studio and the young singers in our ensemble, are primarily the members of the children's choir and youth choir, who will take on numerous roles in this opera. Read all about the young stars on the stage here!

Here you will find the current cast and performance dates.