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„Promethean Fire“: Press quotes on the premiere

Fire as a creative as well as destructive force was encountered [...] at the most recent premiere of the Vienna State Ballet: The programme, entitled „Promethean Fire“, offered sparkling sparks of creativity, but also dystopian scenarios [...], which provided plenty of variety in the Volksoper. [...] Great cheers for all involved.
(APA, 12 February 2023)

Cheerful, funny and extremely well danced by the Vienna State Ballet.
(Kurier, 13 February 2023)

In Paul Taylor’s „Promethean Fire“, eight dancers struggle to find order in the chaos of Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor, which Taylor reflects in the play of formations. The dancers in black full-body leotards on a dark stage turn and jump in canon, cross each other in the zipping system, then again, they find their way to dance synchronicity. Choreographed in 2002, „Promethean Fire“  is still thoroughly up-to-date in its theme and also in its repertoire of steps. And so entertaining.
(Wiener Zeitung, 13 February 2023)

„Promethean Fire“ brings together three visionary choreographers for a powerful, but above all meaningful dance medley. Of Martin Schläpfer’s two ballet miniatures, „Lontano“ and the solo piece „Ramifications“ with the fantastic Sonia Dvořák, [...] „Lontano“ thrilled not only with the avant-garde composition by Hungarian composer György Ligeti, but with the captivating stage presence of the ravishing Ketevan Papava.“
(Kronen Zeitung, 13 February 2023)

For the light-hearted, sparkling conclusion of this Prometheus evening, „Beaux“ by Mark Morris reminds us that dance has been unsettling patriarchal images of men for a very long time. Dancers have traditionally had to contend with homophobically motivated prejudices. Only in our gender-conscious present does it become clear how politically male bodies can be interpreted in ballet. This also fits our present: Mark Morris’ nine handsome guys play across these macho hostilities without ever seeming vain or narcissistic. A [...] justifiably acclaimed evening.
(Der Standard, 13 February 2023)

Especially worth mentioning [...] is the orchestra of the Vienna Volksoper under the musical direction of Jean-Michaël Lavoie, which was also cheered by the audience that evening.
(Wiener Zeitung, 13 February 2023)

All this happens to music [...], which the magnificent conductor Jean-Michaël Lavoie (great use of the harpsichord) and the Volksoper orchestra make resound powerfully.
(Kurier, 13 February 2023)