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Moritz Eggert in a quick interview about his operetta Die letzte Verschwörung (The Last Conspiracy)

Hardly anyone is more suited to writing a contemporary operetta than Moritz Eggert. He composes music for a diverse audience, has worked with the pop duo 2raumwohnung and written a score of Google's terms of use. In 2006 he composed a football oratorio on the occasion of the World Cup and in 2008 Am Ball - Ein Fußballett for the opening of the Vienna Opera Ball. For the Komische Oper Berlin he wrote the opera M - eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder, with which he proved, according to critics, "that modern opera can entertain."

On 25 March 2023 his myth operetta Die letzte Verschwörung (The Last Conspiracy) will have its world premiere at the Volksoper.

"A film by David Lynch, if it were an operetta."

Copyright: Thilo Beu
Copyright: Thilo Beu

My favourite conspiracy theory:
I don't really have favourite conspiracy theories but I am amused by them when they are they are particularly bizarre. My "favourite" recent conspiracy theory is that Donald Trump is in fact still president of the USA and everyone is only pretending that the Democrats are in power to keep the population in a false sense of security.

The earth is...
...a Mozartkugel

Contemporary music is exhausting. Truth or conspiracy theory?
People do sport because it is strenuous and they feel great afterwards. They read thrillers and watch horror films because scary and exciting things happen there. They watch the news because they want to know what bad and crazy things are happening in the world. And music mustn't be exciting or exhausting in any way? Life itself is exhausting, so any art or activity that has something to do with life and goes into depth instead of just lulling you to sleep will automatically be exhausting. What's wrong with that?

This is the conspiracy theory I would like to put out into the world:
That the sadly uninspiring neoclassicism was invented by evil elites to make us dumb and secretly control us.

Operetta has a future because...
...musical as a genre has become too boring and commercial. If operetta rediscovers its topical and igniting potential, it can blossom again as a genre.

I could listen to this operetta all the time:
More of a musical than an operetta, but since the musical emerged from the operetta and the singspiel, I may certainly mention Nine by Maury Yeston, a very intelligent sequel to 8 ½ by Fellini.

Die letzte Verschwörung (The Last Conspiracy) sounds like:
A film by David Lynch, if it were an operetta.