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Nurejews Hund

Family play with music and dance by Peter te Nuyl and Keren Kargarlitsky

In German language

The famous dancer Rudolf Nureyev has a dog. When Nureyev dies, the strict ballet mistress Marika inherits the dog. The dog growls at her and becomes aggressive. When Marika is unable to place the dog with one of Nureyev’s friends, the animal shelter seems to be the only solution. Until Marika realises that the dog has hidden qualities …

The author Elke Heidenreich wrote a novel about Nureyev’s dog. Director and choreographer Florian Hurler actually knew Nureyev’s dog and the ballet mistress Marika. Peter te Nuyl wrote a theatrical script and text based on their stories. Keren Kagarlitsky created a new score from ballet-, opera- and her own music.

Recommended from 8 years


Stage direction and choreography
Florian Hurler