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Die Reise zum Mond

Geschlossene Vorstellung
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In German language with German surtitles

The journey to the moon is one of the great dreams of mankind. Jacques Offenbach turned it into a science fiction-opera with enchanting music. In a production by the French director and costume designer Laurent Pelly, created for the whole family, this work is being shown for the first time at the Vienna Volksoper, putting the spotlight on the youngest members of the chorus and the ensemble.

Recommended from 8 years

On the Earth

Act 1

King Zack's country has reached a disastrous state. After many decades of reign, Zack wants to pass on the power to the next generation. But his son, the heir to the throne Prince Caprice, has just returned from a trip around the world and has no plans to succeed his father - he dreams of a new adventure ... a trip to the Moon! The scientist and court scholar Microscope is commissioned to make this journey possible. A group of astronomers engaged in unproductive discussions is no help to him. Instead, he assigns a blacksmith to forge a cannon that will be used to transport Caprice to the Moon. Although reluctant at first, Microscope and even Zack himself join the Prince. To the cheers of the people, the three astronauts climb into the space capsule and - "whoosh!" - off they go. They are lucky to have packed enough supplies, including a lot of apples.

On the Moon

Act 2

With great concern, the inhabitants of the Moon catch sight of the approaching space capsule. Cosmos, the king of the Moon, is surprised about the terrestrial visitors since he has always considered the Earth to be uninhabitable. While Caprice and Microscope take a liking to the female lunar population, Cosmos is overcome with fear and orders the intruders to be arrested. Princess Fantasia, however, is able to convince her father to be merciful. In the royal palace, the terrestrials learn some essential facts about the world of their hosts: On the Moon love does not exist and the offspring is brought from a distant "Land of Children". Caprice has other worries: He is frustrated by his unsuccessful courtship of Fantasia and thus does not attend the royal banquet. He satisfies his hunger with an apple brought from Earth. When Fantasia also takes a bite of the unknown delicacy, it sparks a yet unknown emotion in her ... love!

Act 3

Since love is regarded as a disease on the Moon, the princess afflicted by that fever is shielded by guards. Cosmos, overwhelmed with his daughter's condition, decides to draw on an outdated custom and sell Fantasia at the women's market. Caprice has a sudden inspiration to save her: Since Cosmos accuses his daughter of being in love, the only salvation might be if he were too ... So, Caprice secretly administers a love potion made from apples to the royal couple. The plan gets out of control when Cosmos falls in love with his own wife, only to find that she has eyes for Microscope. Suddenly, a heavy snowstorm hits and everything freezes.

Act 4

The "Sea of Frost" has covered the entire surface of the Moon. Cosmos suggests to the freezing people of the Earth and his teeth-rattling entourage that they seek refuge together in an extinct volcano. Once inside the sheltering crater a volcanic eruption takes everyone by surprises. The explosion transports them all back to the surface of the Moon. Happy to have survived, both the lunar inhabitants and the people form the Earth are facing an uncertain future. But then they see the Earth rising on the horizon... Could it be the planet that saves them?


Roger Díaz-Cajamarca
Regie und Kostüme
Laurent Pelly
Szenische Einstudierung
Heloise Sérazin
Thomaz le Gouès
Set design
Barbara de Limburg
Lighting design
Joël Adam
Adaption Fassung und Dialoge
Agathe Mélinand
Choir director
Roger Díaz-Cajamarca
Choir director
Elisabeth Kirchner
König Zack
Carsten Süss
Prinz Caprice
Aaron Casey Gould
Prinzessin Fantasia
Alexandra Flood
Paul Schweinester
König Kosmos
Christoph Stocker
Jaye Simmons
Königin Popotte
Sofia Vinnik
Jonathan Hamouda Kügler
Ena Topcibasic
Marie-Eve Pineau
Anna Lytvytska
Ana Maric
Julia Oppitz
Clemens Seewald

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Press comments

At the Volksoper, time flies by, thanks in part to Offenbach's score, which bubbles over with musical ideas, and also because the condensed two-and-a-half-hour family play offers delightful scenes, imaginative costumes, great voices, humor, and slapstick.
Falter 18. October 2023
With Offenbach's 'Journey to the Moon,' the Volksoper scores a hit.
Kronen Zeitung 16. October 2023
With Alfred Eschwé, Jacques Offenbach's lively music is in expert hands. The Volksoper orchestra handles this opera féerie with enthusiasm, from the graceful horn solo in the overture to the sparkling snowflake ballet.
Die Presse 16. October 2023
With Jacques Offenbach's 'Journey to the Moon,' not only has a hit been landed, but also two messages have been sent. Part one: Climate change affects us all, in this case, even the entire cosmos. Part two: It's also up to the children and young people to dream of a better world and to make it better.
Kurier 16. October 2023
Offenbach's science fiction opera féerie enchants. Thanks in part to Barbara de Limburg's stage design featuring space travel, volcanic eruptions, snowstorms, and garbage dumps on Earth, it's a visual delight!
Kronen Zeitung 16. October 2023
The children's choir, the youth choir, and soloists from the opera studio have significant roles and, alongside the 'seasoned' protagonists, are the true stars of this premiere.
Kurier 16. October 2023
Offenbach in Vienna - it almost always works. Cheers!
Kurier 16. October 2023