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Die letzte Verschwörung

A Myth-Operetta by Moritz Eggert

In German language with German surtitles

The Last Conspiracy (Die letzte Verschwörung) is a parodic ride through the abysses of today's conspiracy myths. The successful talkshow host Friedrich Quant gets caught up in a whirlwind of conspiracy theories, and they are all true.

Everything starts with a fateful encounter with a supposed flat-earther, through which Quant falls more and more into the world of conspiracy theories. But every time he thinks he has revealed the truth, another incredible conspiracy opens up. Around every corner lurks yet another new explanation for the world, one that is even more outlandish, but at the same time even more real than the previous one. This leads to an increasingly burlesque plot involving subterranean reptilian creatures, aliens, artificial intelligences, simulated worlds and even pizzas made of human flesh. When Quant finally uncovers the "final conspiracy", nothing is ever the same again. Or is it?

Hardly anyone is more suited to writing a contemporary operetta than Moritz Eggert. He composes undiluted music that conveys a clear message to a broad audience. In terms of structure and dramaturgy, this work combines Offenbach's early operettas with the most modern theatrical language. Eggert says: "The history of operetta is marked by a touch of nostalgia and, of course, entertainment. Traditionally, however, operetta has also always been associated with critical theatre that deals with current issues. The Last Conspiracy is part of this tradition. 

Act I

Friedrich Quant is a successful talk show host who enjoys making fools of his guests. Dieter Urban, a nerdy flat-earther, is no exception. After the show Urban gives Quant a mysterious envelope. At home his children find holiday photos in the envelope that show a strange difference to the original photos: the background sceneries are painted, and very badly so. The same night Quant receives a message from Urban: He wants to meet up to show him “the truth”.

Quant is curious and they meet in the city park. Urban is accompanied by a young woman named Lara Lechner, the two try to convince Quant that the earth is in fact flat. Quant goes home confused and delves into countless websites that offer the wildest theories. Plagued by strange dreams, he barely sleeps the night. The next day he has another date with Urban, but this time only Lara shows up. A love scene follows.

Quant disappears more and more into the world of conspiracy theories, even his wife and his best friend Edgar Binder cannot get him away from it. On the bus he meets Mr Goodman, who warns him that "this thing" is too big for him.

Quant suggests to his TV boss Georgina von Solingen to do a special on Urban's theories. She firmly rejects his plan. Quant observes her exchanging strange hand signals with the chancellor's PR manager. At home, his friend Binder and his wife are suddenly sitting together at the table like a married couple. The children also cannot remember that Quant has ever been their father. Confused, Quant meets up again with Lara, who is accompanied by Mr Goodman. He now presents himself to Quant as an FBI agent fighting a reptilian conspiracy. All three are surprised by men in black and paralyzed with beams.

Act II

Quant is in hospital. His manager Alois Dunkler sits by his bedside and suggests they start an internet channel called "Intelligent Resistance". Quant becomes a star, educating people about the supposed world conspiracy with some lurid videos. During a gathering of Quant's supporters, Lara reveals important information about a mobile phone deal the chancellor signed with Russian investors: it could be a trick by the Reptilians to enslave the humans. Lara and Quant head to the Chancellor's mansion, where they meet Mr Goodman, who wants to stop them. After an argument, Goodman is revealed to be Urban, who has been playing a double game all along.

Lara and Quant enter the villa and walk in on the chancellor having sex with the Russian investor. Both turn out to be Reptilians. Quant shoots the reptiles and flees with Lara. An UFO appears above them and abducts them. Captain Gord presents himself to them as the protector of humanity: Lara is to be impregnated with his seed and conceive a messiah. Quant shoots Gord and again manages to escape with Lara.

Back in the city, they gather with Dunkler in a pizzeria. When other guests suddenly communicate with each other using the hand signals they have observed before, Lara and Quant become suspicious. They flee to the kitchen and discover that the pizza has been made with human flesh. Georgina von Solingen and Dunkler turn out to be involved in this “pizza gate”. Quant and Lara see no other way out than to shoot themselves in the head.

When Quant awakens, he finds himself in an unknown place. A voice tells him that his whole life so far has only been a computer simulation and that he can now learn the truth thanks to the "SYSTEM". Lara appears as an android and wants to embrace Quant, but he is still not convinced that this is really "the final conspiracy" ...


Tobias Wögerer
Stage direction
Lotte de Beer
Costume design
Jorine van Beek
Otto Pichler
Lighting design
Alex Brok
Choir director
Roger Díaz-Cajamarca
Friedrich Quant, ein Talkshowmoderator
Timothy Fallon
Elisabeth, seine Frau / Natalya Ostrova, eine rusische Unternehmerin
Sofia Vinnik
Lara Lechner, eine Flat-Eartherin / Das SYSTEM
Rebecca Nelsen
Dieter Urban, ein Verschwörungstheoretiker / Mr. Goodman, ein FBI-Agent
Orhan Yildiz
Georgina von Solingen, Quants Chefin im Sender
Annelie Sophie Müller
Alois Dunkler, Quants Manager
Jakob Semotan
Der Kanzler
Daniel Schmutzhard
Edgar Binder, Quants bester Freund / Pressereferent des Kanzlers / GORD, ein Außerirdischer
Aaron Pendleton
Sarah, Quants Kind
Alma-Marie Sommer
Philipp, Quants Kind
Konstantin Pichler
Angelica Boob
Tara Randell
Stimme aus dem Off
Moritz Eggert
Musik und Text
Moritz Eggert


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