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Children and young people are in good hands with us!

Commitment of the management

Children and young people are very important to us at the Volksoper! We are happy that so many young people visit the Volksoper, but also participate in the productions of the Volksoper and enrich them in a very special way.

As a cultural institution, the Volksoper Wien is committed to the artistic quality of its productions. Nevertheless, the best interests of the child should come first. We are parents ourselves and therefore know the needs of children and also the concerns of parents, and we therefore do everything in our power to ensure that the young people entrusted to us can develop in a protected and safe environment.

We ensure the highest level of safety in the fulfilment of our supervisory duties, in the selection of our staff and in our dealings with the children and young people. The Volksoper Wien has appointed a liaison for children, adolescents and apprenticesc who is the contact person for questions concerning child protection and child welfare. The basis for this is the following child protection guideline, which is brought to the attention of all employees of the Volksoper Wien, as well as the Code of Conduct, which all employees undertake to observe.

We take full responsibility for taking all reasonable steps to protect young people at the Volksoper Wien from harm, abuse and exploitation.

Lotte de Beer
Artistic Director of Volksoper Wien

Christoph Ladstätter
Commercial Director of Volksoper Wien

Child welfare team

Mag. Heidemarie Dude (Education department, liaison for children, adolescents and apprentices)
Mag. Nina Moebius (Head of Education department, Equal opportunities officer)
Mag. Brigitte Lehr (Head of children’s chorus, youth chorus, child extras, Deputy extras management)
Elisabeth Kirchner (Children’s chorus and youth chorus trainer)
Mag. Susanne Sommer (Assistent Director and Staff Director)
Paula Deuter (Children’s chorus and youth chorus trainer)

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Child Protection Policy