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The Sound of Music

Musical by Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein

in German language with English surtitles

The young novice Maria looks after the children of the widowed Baron von Trapp. Initial rejection turns into affection, and Maria becomes a family member who eventually accompanies the Trapps' escape from the Nazis. Long gone are the days when The Sound of Music was more famous everywhere than in Austria, where the plot is set. Since 2005, the story about family ties and courage in hard times has also thrilled Volksoper audiences.

Recommended from 6 years

Salzburg and the surrounding area, 1938

The young postulant Maria is having difficulty in becoming accustomed to the strict rules of the Benedictine convent at Nonnberg. In order to find out whether a life in the convent is really suited to her, Maria is sent out by the Mother Superior into the everyday world once more, to act as governess to the seven children of the widowed Baron von Trapp, a former naval captain and a highly decorated submarine commander. 

Maria quickly forms a relationship with the children, mostly through making music with them. But even the strict, serious Baron quickly falls under the spell of Maria’s high spirits. He leaves his fiancée Elsa Schrader, a wealthy Viennese lady, and marries Maria. However, this private idyll is soon overshadowed by the political situation which develops at the end of the thirties. The Baron refuses to join the National Socialist Party, and he also makes this decision public, and in consequence he and his family come under increasing pressure. Scarcely is the honeymoon over when he receives an unwelcome visit from the naval supreme command in Berlin, instructing him to take over the command of a submarine once more and immediately travel to the naval base at Bremerhaven in order to do so. 

At the last minute Maria succeeds in delaying the execution of this order: at the instigation of impresario Max Dettweiler, a friend of the family, the entire family has received an invitation to the singing competition at the Salzburg Festival. The Baron is in fact given permission to take part in this competition with his family and to delay his departure by a few days. While the prizes are being presented at the Festival, the von Trapp family manages to escape.

Recommended from 6 years 


Keren Kagarlitsky
Stage direction and choreography
Renaud Doucet
Stage and costume design
André Barbe
Lighting design
Guy Simard
Choir director
Holger Kristen
Maria Rainer
Lauren Urquhart
Schwester Margarethe
Birgid Steinberger
Schwester Bertha
Renate Pitscheider
Schwester Sophie
Hannah Fheodoroff
Mutter Oberin
Ulrike Steinsky
Kapitän Georg von Trapp
Axel Herrig
Michael Havlicek
Frau Schmidt
Renée Schüttengruber
Sarah Weidinger
Rolf Gruber
Liam Solbjerg
Elsa Schrader
Ursula Pfitzner
Max Dettweiler
Jakob Semotan
Herr Zeller
Nicolaus Hagg
Baron Elberfeld
Felix Brachetka
Baronesse Elberfeld
Josefine Tyler
Admiral von Schreiber
Szymon Komasa