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Katia Ledoux singt Florence B. Price

Works of the composer Florence Beatrice Price, born in 1887 in Arkansas, USA, are a rarity in European concert programs. On the 70th anniversary of her death, ensemble member Katia Ledoux, together with pianist Sascha El Mouissi, puts the spotlight on this exceptional woman. Stylistically, her song compositions are rooted in African-American tradition – one can hear inspirations from spirituals, but also echoes of fellow composers like A. Dvorák or S. Coleridge-Taylor. Many of her works are arrangements of spiritual songs, while others are strongly autobiographically inspired, she has not only composed the music but also written the lyrics. However, the majority of her songwriting is based on poems by Langston Hughes. Let yourself be enchanted by Katia Ledoux and this rarely heard composer in Vienna.