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Das Dschungelbuch

Junge Volksoper Family Matinee

Semi-staged performance

In German language

Mowgli, who was raised by wolves as a foundling in the Indian jungle, finds himself in a predicament. Because at ten years old now, he is old enough to learn how to make fire. And fire is really the only thing that Tiger Shir Khan, the king of the jungle, is afraid of ... So Mowgli must be brought to safety. Can Balu help him on his journey and will Mowgli be able to escape the distractions of Kaa the snake and King Louie the monkey?

With immortal songs from the original soundtrack to the Disney film, The Jungle Book tells of unusual friendships.

Recommended from 4 years


Tobias Wögerer
Szenische Einrichtung, Kostüme und Choreographie
Florian Hurler
Andreas Ivancsics
Erzähler / Baghira, schwarzer Panther
Christian Graf
Juliette Khalil
Oberst Hathi, Elefant / Geier
Wolfgang Gratschmaier
Junior, Babyelefant
Julius Trierenberg
Balu, Bär
Maximilian Klakow
King Louie, Orang-Utan
Jakob Semotan
Kaa, Schlange
Martina Dorak
Elefant / Affe / Geier
Daniel Ohlenschläger
Elefant / Affe / Geier
Stanislaw Napierala
Elefant / Affe / Geier
Martin Enenkel
Shanti, ein Mädchen
Elisabeth Schwarz
Stimme von Shir Khan
Stefan Cerny

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