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Carmen: Sprache und Gewalt

"Leave me alone, Don José! I won't follow you." The final duet in Georges Bizet's classic opera Carmen portrays the tragic and, for the title character, fatal end of a toxic relationship. The topicality of the work can be clearly stated: José's murder of Carmen is a femicide. In cooperation with the Inter-University Research Network Elfriede Jelinek of the University of Vienna and the MUK, ensemble member Katia Ledoux has written an artistic manifesto on the subject of "Language and Violence", which will be presented at a soiree in the foyer of the Volksoper. In conversation with Anke Charton, a researcher in the field of musicology and theater studies, Katia Ledoux confronts her opera heroine relentlessly and, as always, passionately with the here and now.


Katia Ledoux