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Familyshow by G. Bruns, R. Sherman and others

In German language

The French cat Duchesse and her well-cared-for children Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz are appointed heirs to the wealthy Madame Adelaide Bonfamille, which does not suit the butler Edgar at all. So the cat family must disappear, he decides. Thrown out of their cosy home, instead of music lessons, fluffy cushions and English tea, the noble cats suddenly have to deal with draughty attics, street dogs and chattering geese.

What's more fun? The sheltered life in the house or the exciting life on the street? In a true adventure story full of wild chases and exciting twists and turns, the cats try to find their way back home. They are helped not least by the street cat Thomas O'Malley. Friendships develop in the most unusual places - and sometimes love does too.

The story of the cat family is now brought to life on the Volksoper stage to the rousing songs of the Disney film and with a great deal of imagination and playfulness.

Recommended from 4 years


Tobias Wögerer
Regie & Choreographie
Florian Hurler
Bühne & Kostüm
Christof Hetzer
Martin Lukesch
Roman Hansi
Edgar / Butler
Nicolaus Hagg
Lauren Urquhart
Thomas O'Malley
Peter Lesiak
Daniel Ohlenschläger
Wolfgang Gratschmaier
Amelia Gabble
Julia Koci
Abigail Gabble
Martina Dorak
Jakob Semotan
Kevin Perry
Eva Zamostny
Elli Theml
Philipp Gruber-Hirschbrich
Daniele Yvon

Press comments

"Aristocats" at the Vienna Volksoper - a triumph.
Kurier 25. September 2023
In the end, euphoria among young and old.
Der Standard 25. September 2023
One of the most successful productions of Lotte de Beer's direction. The adaptation of Disney's "Aristocats" proves to be a huge hit.
Kronen Zeitung 25. September 2023
With a lot of swing, but above all with speed and fantasy instead of fluff and fur, the young audience will be thrilled from now on.
Die Presse 26. September 2023
Standing Ovations!
Kurier 25. September 2023
That both young and old not only clapped along but also celebrated the participants extensively at the end of the approximately 70-minute piece is, not least, a merit of director Florian Hurler, who had already achieved a children's success with 'The Jungle Book' at the theater.
APA 25. September 2023
It swings, jazzes, and grooves perfectly; the hits are brought to the stage with great energy (watch out for clapping along!).
Kurier 25. September 2023